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Our powders are made from Tapioca Starch [Manihot Esculenta Root Starch], Cornstarch [Zea Mays (Corn) Starch], Arrowroot Powder [Maranta Arundinacea powder] and kaolin clay [kaolin] with an added Dynasorb to keep you dry. Our powders are sold in a clear 3 oz container with a sifter and powder puff for $7.00.

So travel into the Garden and experience the art and science and have your senses blown away! Elixirs fit to make even Gods jealous of you!

Shaydee's Passion

Formulated after the BDSM world's own Mistress Shaydee Von Shock. One of the hottest dominatrixes on the scene, she broke many a hearts of men and women and other things....hehehe. Designed to be cunning, powerful, seducing and dangerous in a sensual way that they just want to say YES, may I have another?!


Overtones: Red Musk, Amber, Champa
Undertone: Honeysuckle