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Our powders are made from Tapioca Starch [Manihot Esculenta Root Starch], Cornstarch [Zea Mays (Corn) Starch], Arrowroot Powder [Maranta Arundinacea powder] and kaolin clay [kaolin] with an added Dynasorb to keep you dry as well smelling like a God or Goddess. Our powders are sold in a clear 3 oz container with a sifter and powder puff for $7.00.


Formulated after the faerie world's of Imps. Mischievous and feisty. Designed to make you impish in personality....great for a night of fun and love. Historically the imp was thought to be a small demon kept in a bottle or ring. When released or awaken the entity served its master in magical, alchemical, or healing purposes. Supposedly there are both good and bad imps. Magicians evoke them in rituals of ceremonial magic and command them with incantations, words and names of power.


Overtones: Peach, Vanilla, Cherry
Undertone: Khus