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Safe and stylish, these wickless wax melts, are specifically formulated to release heaven on earth with the heat of a low-watt light bulb or heating element, filling your space with a aroma fit for the gods. Each wax square lasts approximately 8 hours with a sensual scent that only BGA can create.

We sell all our Wax Scent Squares in a packaging of 6 squares per pack for an amazing price of $5.00. Bring the Garden of Gods to your house and lose yourself in bliss.

Vampyr Desire

Formulated after the romantic mythology of the Vampyr, this blend is designed to bring about seduction, mystery, desire and to make someone think of you and dream about you. To be able to cast people under your 'spell'. For ever promised with a single kiss, A single puncture within my soul; Forsake my life for you, unending immortality; Together we attain the euphoria of bliss; And join my vampyr soulmates for an eternity.


Overtones:Earth Soil Attar, Jasmine, Honeysuckle
Undertone: Vanilla Musk




Wicked Cherub

This Cherub has the wickedness of a mischievious child. Fun, fascinating and never sure what is next. Formulated after the angelic Cherub who has the dark side....seemingly so sweet and ever so wicked. Designed to bring out the wickedness of your personality. Great for a night out when fun is on the menu! Angelic yet naughty this evening? Perfect scent for you!!!! So prepare your best dress, your innocent angelic smile and wear the wickedness.


Overtones: Passionflower, Khus, Kasar 
Undertone: Kasuri




Bathory's Lust

Formulated after the notorius Lady Bathory. She bathed in blood and kept her youth. Designed so that you do not have to bathe in blood but will have your beauty and inner beauty come forth. Hailed as the Vampire Queen and known as the most beautiful woman in the history of Europe. Reclaim what the heavens try to take from you. " If you are not a myth, absolve me of my sins and give me blood to keep me young." You need not ask why the Gods would do such a tragedy. Beguile and be rich in nobility. Be the Countess Erzsebet.

Feminine in Nature

Overtones: Narcsisus, Dragon's Blood, Black Musk
Undertone: Pink Lotus