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Babylon Gardens Apothecary offer their oils in two sizes:
- sample size: $ 2.00
- 5ml bottle: $ 15.00. In a Blue Glass Euro Dropper bottle w black tamper evident cap and orifice reducer.

The rarest oils of Attar Essential Oils custom blended by our Master Alchemist, Dr Jymie Darling, PhD. Our oils are superior in their science and ingredients. These essential oils are pure attars with no bases, no carriers, no hype, 100% organic, vegan, no chemicals (not even natural chemicals) and pesticide free. The development and processing of the ingredients cause no destruction to its original plant. For example, our Civet Oil is from Civet seeds and not the animal. Our Ambergris is created from the bark of a healthy tree has an organically similar aroma. Because of a cultivated longstanding relationship with the developer, our oils can be sold at a very affordable price.

Rivet Head

Outskirts...on the edge...romping...stomping. Dressed to the nines with a style all of our own. Hardworking and hardplaying and hard dancing!!! Let's take it to the edge. The full edge! Industrial stomping. High energy blend of our movement.


Overtones: Red Musk, Black Musk
Undertone: Honeysuckle



Grab your gasmasks. Grab your goggles. Don your torn shirts and bondage pants and let's rule this world. This is our time. This is our world. We are the industrial warriors. Innovative. Creative. Never underestimate us. We are the new world as we watch the crumbling of this society.


Overtones: Black Musk, Lilly, Patchouly
Undertone: Ylang Ylang