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Welcome to Babylon Gardens...a true Alchemical Apothecary.


Here at the Garden, our handcrafted essential oils are pure attars with no bases, no carriers, no hype, 100% organic, vegan, no chemicals (not even natural chemicals) and pesticide free. The development and processing of the ingredients cause no destruction to its original plant. For example, our Civet Oil is from Civet seeds and not the animal. Our Ambergris is created from the bark of a healthy tree has an organically similar aroma. Because of a cultivated longstanding relationship with the developer, our oils can be sold at a very affordable price....we are true to the art of Hermetic Alchemy.

Creating Allegory blends to create your destiny and desires. We blend our masterpieces with pure magick using botany, ancient knowledge of planets, Renaissance formulas, Victorian Madness, Gothic Romance, mathematics and of course...ancient Alchemical science. There is NO competition to our oils and our blends. We create a sensual and soul moving aroma that the ancient Gods themselves covet.

We use only the finest ingredients from India, Middle East, Africa, Europe and the USA. All of our oils are made with the exquisite, fit for the Gods themselves, Pure Essential Attars. There are many choices of essentials but few made with the nectar of the Gods...Attars. Attars are created different than essential oils and maintain an aroma that is pure heavens. Their fragrance remains true to the flower, plant, tree, bark, leaf, root and pods. It is unlike anything available on the market today.

Our Master Alchemist, Jymie Darling, a brilliantly mad Ph.D., has more than 25 years in the alchemy laboratory and has a perfumer's olfactory sense second to none in the industry. She has been sought after internationally for her blends and knowledge. She has been featured in many film industry productions, documentaries, television shows, magazines, radio programs and the internet . She has now brought the ancient and rare knowledge of Attars to Babylon Gardens...her creations are simply heaven on earth and sensually brilliant.

Attars are created by the Ancient arts of Alchemy. They place hundreds of pounds of the natural material such as petals, resins, woods, barks, leaves, etc into Sandalwood boxes and place them into the desert sands. The heat of the sands is more powerful and natural than any manufacturer can create. The result is a slightly thicker, more aromatically intense fragrance that is also more ancient and alchemically correct in nature...the essence of the Gods.

So travel into the Garden with real art and science and have your senses blown away!

We are a retail site but welcome Wholesale Inquiry as well as custom blends for your shoppe.

Wander through our gardens and enjoy the decadence of the Ancients. Alchemically making Gods among Mortals in the Garden.


**Hello world I received my Eros and Cupid oils. If you want real alchemy this Valentines Day I highly suggest you give them a try. I love Eros also if you like using sprays for your pillow to help sleep I cant sleep Serenity Gardens will lull you into a relaxed state of mind. Jymie is amazing thanks for the beautiful blends - Franchesca ...Feb 5 2015

**Hello all I received my order from Babylon Gardens today and I am not surprised that I was blown away. I highly recommend Crown of Sucess attar if you want clarity and want to get things accomplished. I also ordered Serenity gardens and Vampyr simply romantic and amazing. The attar blends show Jymies Darlings mastery in Alchemy and science. I would only recommend taking classes from her as well. Thanks for the beautiful blends - Franchesca...Jan 24, 2015

** Awesome!!!! I dunno what madness you're over there cooking up. But, these blends are phenomenal!! The scent is long-lasting, and the effects are damn there immediate. I still haven't ritually applied the oils I've purchased from you. Whenever I get a new blend, I like to wear it for a few days to see what kind of effects it produces, so I can have a better understanding of how to use them. Without putting any ritualized intention behind the application, these oils snap, crackle, and pop in all the right ways!! You're on to something with these attars, my dear. - Silver...Jan 22, 2015

**The oils I ordered from Babylon Gardens Apothecary were simply phenomenal! I believe in dressing myself for success, and employed their Crown of Success oil. The scent is very rich and earthy with a hint of spice and deliciously woody. The vibration took effect almost immediately. My posture straightened, my mind sharpened, and my inner eye was flashed with hues of gold and amber light flecked with bits of glitter. This blend evokes a calm sense of confidence, and inner power that helps me get through the day keenly aware. Looking forward to using it in some candle work!! - Silver...Jan 14, 2015

**Some years ago, I asked Jymie to create scent for me and I wanted to call it "Sexy Bitch" becuase I wasn't feeling it but all our olfactory needs is a whiff of a reminder. I was feeling that way at the time! She definitely hit it on the head. I just purchased a new bottle a few weeks ago and I get so many compliments. Now that it is made with the attars, it is even yummier and longer lasting. A great scent for us inner sexy bitches. I see it as a confident and strong blend. Spot on. - Lucy...Jan 3, 2015

** The oil that i got was deadly nightshade and the recreation of the smell was magnificent. I must say it smells just like the real thing without the deadly concept of it all. I have also used it and it lasts up to 3-4 days without having to reapply more of it onto me. All and all I am very satisfied with what i bought and will be sure to purchase more in the near future. - Ryan...Jan 2, 2015

**Just wanted to share that although I will be out of town for Krampus/Yule Ritual and Feast, I had a quick sneak preview of some of the delightful blends from Babylon Gardens Apothecary... and they are all awesome! So far, my personal two favorites are Clockwork Orange and As Above, So Below. Of course, there are others that I highly enjoyed, as well, but I didn't get the chance to write down the names. Oh well, I will just have to smell them all again! Very excited for the launch of this line! Congrats! - Joy...Dec 19, 2014