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Our powders are made from Tapioca Starch [Manihot Esculenta Root Starch], Cornstarch [Zea Mays (Corn) Starch], Arrowroot Powder [Maranta Arundinacea powder] and kaolin clay [kaolin] with an added Dynasorb to keep you dry as well smelling like a God or Goddess. Our powders are sold in a clear 3 oz container with a sifter and powder puff for $7.00.

BGA Powders


Back in time....to another place of the world, we enter: Friesland. Lower Netherlands and a fierce and mighty black horse stomps forward. The earth beneath trembles and shudders. The enemies see a mighty a war horse. The soldier sees a best friend. A village sees a savior. Connect back to that time...to that frozen tundra. Mighty and proud. Connect to the Friesian energy and back to Friesland. A land of Vikings and elves and magick. The mighty dragon...the black pearl of horses. The war horse of the true hero!


Overtones: Nakh Choya, Carrot Seed, Currants
Undertone: Cardamom