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Our sprays are an alcohol free, water based room and linen spray formula. Perfect for use at home, the office, dorm and hotel rooms or any space that you want to neutralize bad odors and fragrance instantly. Ours is a great solution for neutralizing pet odors, cigarette smoke, cooking and bathroom odors. Freshens and deodorizes linens, towels and clothing with a unique conditioning agent. Instead of masking the odor, ours eliminates the odor with a tantilizing scent of pure heavens!

Our sprays are sold in a 2oz blue plastic bottle with a black sprayer for $6.00. A little spritz of ours goes a long way!!!
Victorian Room Sprays at Babylon Gardens

Serenity Gardens

Formulated after the meditative gardens of the ancient and modern gardens. Designed to bring forth peace and tranquility. A wonderful moment of tranquility sweeps past you as the sun sets. You walk forth into your gardens. A time of Victorian beauty and appreciation yet, it has a worldly and modern touch that lifts the soul into untold dimensions of splendour. This blend brings to you that moment of peace. That breath that fulfilled the soul with the beauty of nature.

Feminine in nature

Overtones: Gardenia, Blue Lotus, Lily
Undertone: White Lotus




Victorian Gardens

) Formulated after the Victorian gardens of ol' time. A time of splendor and creativity. Peace and tranquility. Social graces. Designed to bring to you the times of Queen Victoria and the creations and hopes of a world. Walk with grace and style. When blushing and beauty was exalted. The world new and afresh, fast and inventive...the gardens were the place where you gathered your thoughts. Remembered the past and embraced the future.

Feminine in Nature

Overtones: White Lotus, Lavender, Rose
Undertone: Gardenia




Breath of God

Formulated after the mythos of the Breath of God....the everlasting breath of memories and life. Designed to keep you on the mind of those that you are around. Envision the self. You take a deep breath in and place the oil on your pulse points. You exhale. You enhale once again and you receive the breath of god into your soul. Confidence fills the soul. Wisdom fills the body. You are unforgetable and on everyone's mind in a pure thought of joy and respect.


Overtones: Sandalwood, Amber, Frankincense
Undertone: Rose




Le Fae Verte

Come fly with the green faery of Victorian times. A sweet scent to rise your creativity and expand the headspace. Follow in the footsteps of Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, Edgar Allen Poe and so many more! Classical ingredients transmuted into an oil...to include even a few drops of wormwood!!! Take flight!!!


Overtones: Anise, Wormwood, Lemon Grass
Undertone: Mint, Fennel



Deadly Nightshade

The beautiful and sweet but deadly Belladonna. We have created the same scent with essentials and you do not have to worry about the deadly part...unless, you are the one that is deadly! Have the grace of the Victorian ladies and the devious fun of the times too!


Overtones: White Lotus, Pink Lotus, Jasmine
Undertone: Rose